In todays highly connected world, cyber crime cost organizations nearly 3 million dollars every single minute, according to RiskIQ. Research proves that businesses lose up to $25 dollars every minute due to data breaches. However, companies like CyDeploy realize that it’s better to protect your company from cyber security issues before they happen. CyDeploy, a Baltimore startup company founded in 2019, uses artificial intelligence to create a replica of a company’s systems. The startup company provides a cybersecurity tool that prevents security breaches and ensures the companies security systems are updated.

In addition, research proves that it takes over 280 days to resolve problems associated with a cyber security attack. Therefore, companies that focus on enhancing one’s security and protecting their business from potential threats is essential. Tina Williams-Koroma, the owner and founder of CyDeploy knew there was a need to address cyber security issues.

Williams-Koroma has been in the cybersecurity field for nearly two decades. Before starting CyDeploy she worked at TCecure for the last seven years. “I often see the recurring issue of late or non-existent security patches and configurations. I am passionate about CyDeploy’s mission because many successful hacks are not due to the genius of hackers, but the failure of organizations to implement some of the most basic cyber protections, maintaining cyber hygiene, and it’s costing organizations, and our country,” Tina Williams-Koroma said.

Williams-Koroma believes security breaches happen much too often and they could easily be avoided. 80 percent of security breaches are due to misconfigured and unpatched systems, according to Williams-Koroma. Most importantly, the breaches are costing the U.S organizations an average of 3.9M/breach. “CyDeploy positions organizations to make risk-based decisions about whether, when, and how to deploy security updates to their environment, with the goal of having organizations make these updates more frequently to reduce security breaches,” Tina Williams-Koroma said.

While running a full-time business Tina is also a wife and mother. Recently, she participated in the MIW Summer 2021 Pitch Competition and won the Pitch Creator Hustle Award. This award perfectly describes her: “I’m an athlete, and hustle is a part of how I live, work, and play.  In preparation for this competition, and even now, I am managing multiple ventures. I love being the recipient of the Pitch Creator Hustle Award,” Williams-Koroma said.

As the winner of the MIW Summer 2021 Pitch Creator Hustle award Tina received a $1,000 award. “I plan to use the funds towards paying for some product management and engineering consultations,” Tina said. However, taking home a prize was just one of the many rewards the MIW Summer 2021 Pitch Competition gave Tina. “Pitch competitions provide a great way to get feedback, both on how I present my idea, and my idea itself.  Often, there are investors and other relevant stakeholders that are participating in the competition as judges, and even other founders, and this creates a great opportunity to network,” Williams-Koroma said.

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