Cyber security start-up CyDeploy works to outsmart hackers

In todays highly connected world, cyber crime cost organizations nearly 3 million dollars every single minute, according to RiskIQ. Research proves that businesses lose up to $25 dollars every minute due to data breaches. However, companies like CyDeploy realize that it’s better to protect your company from cyber security issues before they happen. CyDeploy, a …


MIW Summer 2021 Pitch Competition: ‘The talent is in our backyard’

Every year the National Society of Black Engineers – Baltimore Metropolitan Area Chapter (NSBE-BMAC) holds Minority Innovation Weekend, also known as MIW. The NSBE-BMAC realized years ago that there is a great need for startup founders and co-founders of color to receive the financial, educational, and long-lasting support that they deserve. Therefore, MIW weekend focuses …