The Comcast HBCU Tech Weekend prepares to invest in the best and brightest

For decades, the amount of funding invested in minority founders of technology startups has consistently remained low in comparison to other ethnic groups. Many times, Black founders have fewer resources and access to capital than their counterparts. Overall, there is a low percentage of tech startups launched by black founders that secure venture capital in …


Comcast HBCU Tech Weekend 2022 Pitch Competition & Innovation Marketplace

OVERVIEW The Comcast HBCU Tech Weekend 2022 Pitch Competition & Innovation Marketplace will showcase tech-focused startups that have been launched by a founder of color or by founding teams that include a co-founder of color and are current students or Alumni of an HBCU. The Pitch Competition & Innovation Marketplace will occur on Saturday February …


Startup company MindStand Technologies has developed an Artificial Intelligence based platform to to eliminate discrimination in the workplace

Recently, the world has witnessed a shift as millions fight for diversity and inclusion in the classroom, workplace, and communities across the country, but people of color have suffered in their communities for decades and long-term change is necessary. Several companies have implemented updated policies to support and protect minorities in the workplace. Similarly, startup …


Cyber security start-up CyDeploy works to outsmart hackers

In todays highly connected world, cyber crime cost organizations nearly 3 million dollars every single minute, according to RiskIQ. Research proves that businesses lose up to $25 dollars every minute due to data breaches. However, companies like CyDeploy realize that it’s better to protect your company from cyber security issues before they happen. CyDeploy, a …


MIW Summer 2021 Pitch Competition: ‘The talent is in our backyard’

Every year the National Society of Black Engineers – Baltimore Metropolitan Area Chapter (NSBE-BMAC) holds Minority Innovation Weekend, also known as MIW. The NSBE-BMAC realized years ago that there is a great need for startup founders and co-founders of color to receive the financial, educational, and long-lasting support that they deserve. Therefore, MIW weekend focuses …


From Spark to Seed and Beyond: Founding a Technology Startup as a Person of Color

Minority Innovation Weekend presents From Spark to Seed and Beyond: Founding a Technology Startup as a Person of Color Virtual Panel. Being a technology company founder can be a very rewarding experience. Learn from company founders as they share details about their successes and failures in pursuit of building innovative enterprises. This panel will explore the …