Volunteer to speak at Minority Innovation Weekend 2020!

Calling all tech startup founders & co-founders, cybersecurity professionals, health technology innovators, and environmental technology pioneers!  

Minority Innovation Weekend (MIW) is coming back for its 4th year! MIW 2020 will occur on Saturday, October 3rd and Sunday, October 4th and will be 100% online. Minority Innovation Weekend is a weekend summit dedicated to aiding innovators of color launch tech-focused startups, explore emerging technologies, and showcasing tech startups that have a founder or co-founder of color. 

Minority Innovation Weekend is looking for dynamic speakers for topics covering:

If you have expertise in any of these topics, please sign up to speak at Minority Innovation Weekend by completing the MIW 2020 Call For Speakers via one of the Google form links below:

  • Google Form For Startup Fundamentals
    • Requested Topics Include: Defining Your Idea; Validating Your Idea; Competitive Analysis; The Minimal Viable Product (MVP); The Pitch; Going To Market; Funding Your Idea; Building A Team; Intellectual Property & Patent Considerations for Your Startup; Customer Acquisition and Gaining Traction; To Pivot or Not; or propose your own topic! 
  • Google Form For Cybersecurity
    • Requested Topics Include: Malware trends; Data Science & AI/ML impact on Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity everywhere (Smart Devices, IOT, Automobiles); Deepfakes; Securing The 2020 Elections; Your Data Online: Uncontrolled Access To Personal Data Carries The Risk Of Destabilizing The Digital Society; Adversarial Artificial Intelligence Attacks Evolve Alongside Cybersecurity Artificial Intelligence; 5G development and adoption of IoT devices increase vulnerability; Securing the Remote Workforce; Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC); or propose your own topic! 
  • Google Form For Health Innovations
    • Requested Topics Include: How Technology Impacts The Healthcare Industry; The Future of Pandemics: Will Viruses Like Coronavirus Become More Prevalent?; How Big Data, Analytics, And Artificial Intelligence Impact Healthcare; Telemedicine And Its Impact On Healthcare; Integration And Interoperability In Healthcare; Implications Of Blockchain For Health Innovation; Cybersecurity In Healthcare / Securing The Internet Of Medical Things (IoMT); Next-generation Sequencing; IoT Devices, Biosensors, And Wearables; or propose your own topic!
  • Google Form For Environmental Innovations
    • Requested Topics Include: Public Electric Transport; Cheap Energy Storage; Plastic Recycling; Accessible Solar Power; Hydrogen In The Energy Transition; Carbon Capture And Storage; Circular Economy; or propose your own topic!

One Weekend. Endless Opportunities.