MIW Disruptive Podcast Episode 2020-018: Michael Ogunsanya, CEO & Co-Founder of MindStand Technologies

Michael Ogunsanya, CEO & Co-Founder of Mindstand Technologies sits down with the MIW podcast team to discuss launching MindStand Technologies. MindStand Technologies is an artificial intelligence startup specializing in detecting online harassment, hate speech, and potential safety risks.

Instances of cyberbullying, hate speech, and threatening behaviors are identified by MindStands advanced machine learning algorithms and reported in real time. MindStand Technologies merges clinical psychology with advanced technology to foster a healthy online community.

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About the MIW Disruptive Podcast

The MIW Disruptive Podcast is a platform to highlight tech entrepreneurs and innovators of color, the tech startup ecosystem, emerging technologies, and more. Join us as we have a conversation with tech startups and innovators building solutions for our future. 

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Jerome McDonald is an experienced electrical engineer with a focus in optical communication technology, skilled in optical communication systems design, optical modeling, link budget analysis, and characterizing optical systems. Jerome, aka DJ ROME,  is also founder and host of The Junction, a podcast available on iHeartRadio and Apple Podcast, and co-owner of the DJ business Event Makers Entertainment (EME), which provides high-quality sound to the DMV area.


Sir Walter Richardson is an experienced Hardware Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in heavy industry and aerospace industry. He’s an active member of the Baltimore Metropolitan Area Chapter (BMAC) of the National Society of Black Engineers and will be helping execute this year’s Minority Innovation Weekend. This weekend summit will bring together minority founders, business owners and future entrepreneurs.