Ideas that foster and create companies can come at any time. Jahvante Marcelle was only 17 years old when he got the idea that would later launch his company. Marcelle attended a high school where students were not allowed to have their phones in class. However, that didn’t stop students from finding a way to use their iphones. 

“I think it was like the iPhone 5. Their batteries weren’t the best. And so when you have a dead phone, it just ruined your day, in a sense, because number one, you’re not even supposed to have your phone out. And then now you have to charge your phone,” Marcelle explained.

So then came portable chargers to combat the problem but Marcelle had a better solution for this problem. “I had just got my first gold watch that I had bought. And I was like, why don’t we put everything together? Like, who wants to carry on this heavy, bulky brick? Have a portable charger? And like why? Why are we just wearing regular watches? Like why don’t we use this prime time real estate that we have on our wrist to do something better with,” Marcelle said. 

Unlike most first time ideas Marcelle didn’t let his idea stop there. While he was in high school he was also a part of a program called Project Lead the Way. The program gives students exposure to engineering during their senior year. 

“In that class, you are presented with a task to either invent or innovate something. I chose the road to invent something,” Marcelle said. 

Marcelle was a senior in high school when he designed and invented one of the first prototypes for the watch. Before he graduated he got a patent for his idea and during college he decided to continue to work on creating new prototypes that had better functionality. 

After he graduated from Virginia State University he began the next steps for his invention. “Then it dawned on me that since I have a patent, I have an invention that I should run with  and start a company. So I started my company in 2021. And since then I’ve been trying to do all the groundwork and the foundation work for the company to be a successful big name company, a wearable watch company, or wearable technology company,” Marcelle added. 

Most importantly, Marcelle wanted to create a unique device that could withstand the test of time. His final product is known as SuperNova, it is a hybrid watch that integrates a smart watch with portable charging technology. “The SuperNova will eliminate the need for bulky portable chargers to be within arms reach. Ultimately creating a hassle free, portable charging experience on your wrist,” Marcelle explained. 

The watch provides two ways for consumers to charge their devices. SuperNova allows you to charge your iPhone via the type C cable or wirelessly. 

Although, Marcelle created a product and company that provides a product unlike any other getting the funding is not an easy task. “It’s difficult to get funding because it’s just like. Who do you ask? This is my first rodeo, I am the first college graduate. I’m a first generation college graduate. And I’m a first generation business owner, in a sense. And so I’m kind of the test dummy when it comes to all this,” Marcelle said. 

Marcelle says there have been several growing pains he has had to withstand including funding and the pandemic. “So currently, right now, I’m waiting for the prototypes to come from China. They should be here within a couple of days and then we’re gonna go into some testing, send back some revisions because we got to make this watch cheaper.”

In the meantime, unlike many entrepreneurs Marcelle plans to continue to continue his full time job. “I don’t think I’m at the time, in my mindset, right now, I don’t have intentions on stopping my full time job. Granted, it would free up a lot of time, and it would allow me to focus more on my business, but I’ve always been one that can balance that and is good with their time. So I’m able to balance my time and, and multitask,” Marcelle explained. 

Most importantly, Marcelle realizes that he must continue to provide funding for his business until more funding is available. Although his idea has grown so much Marcelle says he has a long way to go. 

“I wouldn’t say that I’m proud. Because the job’s not done yet. I’ll be proud when I’m able to go into the store and see what I have to offer to the world on the shelves, that’s when I’ll be proud,” Marcelle said.