Call For Speakers – MIW 2021 Environmental Innovation Track

Calling all environmental innovation pioneers!  

Minority Innovation Weekend (MIW) is coming back for its 5th year! MIW 2021 will occur on Saturday, October 2nd and will be 100% virtual. Minority Innovation Weekend is a weekend summit dedicated to aiding innovators of color launch tech-focused startups, explore emerging technologies, and showcasing tech startups that have a founder or co-founder of color. 

Minority Innovation Weekend is looking for dynamic speakers for topics covering:

  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Reducing Carbon Emissions in Production/Manufacturing
  • Transportation Efficiency/Electric Vehicles
  • Enhanced Recycling Ecosystem (Upcycling, innovations allowing for more raw materials to be recycled) 
  • Reuse and Repurposing of Plastics
  • Minimizing Food Waste
  • Water Scarcity (Advanced Purification and Reuse of Water)
  • Innovations that Enable a Circular Economy (Secondary Resale Marked for Used/Refurbished Goods)
  • Reducing Consumer Electronics Waste
  • Propose your own topic! 

If you have expertise in any of these topics, please sign up to speak at Minority Innovation Weekend by completing the MIW 2021 Startup Fundamentals Call For Speakers via Google Forms 

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