Ignite, Imagine, & Innovate at Minority Innovation Weekend 2018!

Minority Innovation Weekend (MIW) is a weekend summit dedicated to aiding minority innovators launch tech-focused startups. MIW’s goal is to facilitate minority innovators with learning how to take an idea or concept and launch a tech-focused business. MIW will feature an Innovation Conference and Innovation Showcase. MIW will bring tech enthusiasts for a weekend of of presentations, workshops, panel discussions, and more.

Choose your track! The MIW Innovation Conference Startup Fundamentals Track is for attendees who have a technology based idea that they want to turn into a tech-focused startup. The MIW Innovation Conference Emerging Technologies Track is for attendees who want to learn about emerging technologies that will change the world around us. The MIW Innovation Showcase will highlight tech-focused startups that have minority innovators as part of the founding team.

MIW is open to ALL who are excited about technology.