Cyber Security: How scary can it be?

Minority Innovation Weekend presents Cyber Security: How scary can it be?

31 October 2020 @ 11:00AM-4:30PM EDT

Purpose:To serve as a networking event for cyber security professionals and to introduce minorities to the cyber security industry and how everyone plays a part in the Cyberspace domain.


1100-1300-Speaker: Dr. Dane Brown, Assistant Professor, Cyber Science Department, U.S. Naval Academy
Event: “Hacking Primer” Dr. Brown will demonstrate some typical challenges in information security (using Capture the Flag or CTF) and how to employ the tools and code to solve them.

1315-1415-Speaker: Armando Seay, Board Member at Maryland Innovation Security Institute
Event: Live Podcast with the MIW Disruptive Podcast team. Sir Walter Richardson, Jerome (DJ Rome) McDonald, Lavontay Santos and Guest of Honor, Armando Seay will talk about how Mr. Armando Seay started in the cyber community, and his amazing work with Maryland Innovation Security Institute and “Hack the Building” (https://www.hackthebuilding.tech/).

1430-1530-Speaker: Former Acting IC CIO La’Naia Jones
Event: Fireside Chat with Lavontay Santos, Chair MIW 2020 and Marine Corps Cyberspace Officer. Lavontay Santos will have the enormous honor of interviewing Ms. La’Naia Jones about how the Intelligence Community is working with public, private and academic sectors to address emerging Cyber Security threats. We will also discuss the origin story of how Ms. Jones started in the industry and why she loves working in the space.

1530-1630-One on One Networking in Hopin and MIW Community Slack.


Oct 31 2020


11:00 - 16:30