The creation of the Minority Innovation Weekend (MIW) arose from observations that there is a need to support minority innovators in launching startups in science and technical areas. The objectives of the MIW is to provide minority innovators with knowledge to launch science and technology startups in Baltimore and to attract capital providers to aid in supporting their success.

The MIW will focus on providing future startup founders and co-founders knowledge that they need to launch STEM related startups. The MIW Innovation Conference will feature:

  • Presentations from experts to help attendee’s understand startup fundamentals;
  • Interactive panel sessions of local STEM innovators and entrepreneurs that will foster conversations with attendees about Pitching for funding, defining the Minimal Viable Product (MVP), etc.;
  • Keynote speaker(s) from leading industries.

The Minority Innovation Weekend is part of NSBE-BMAC’s Minority Innovation Entrepreneurship Program.